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Capturing your beautiful Bump

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Pregnancy is nothing short of a magical privilege. Experiencing a tiny human growing and developing inside you is like nothing else.

Maternity and newborn go hand in hand and I've long wanted to be able to offer the opportunity for expectant parents to capture in time their beautiful growing bumps.

Being a mobile photographer, where I travel to your home to take newborn baby photographs, has meant that it has taken some time for me to figure out how to achieve what I want in regards to capturing maternity photos. There has been much to plan and think about in terms of lighting, backgrounds, clothing and the overall style of the photo session. Finally I'm there and I'm so pleased to be able to offer this service!!

I have created an option where you can choose to either simply photograph your newborn baby, or to also include a maternity photo session too!

Maternity sessions would usually happen between 33 and 36 weeks so that you can really show off that bump! I have carefully created a lovely workflow in your home so that we can photograph various set ups and achieve some gorgeous looks and also include your own personal items for baby. In my collection I do have some lovely items for your maternity photo session which you can choose, from dresses, to halo’s to newborn sized teddy bears, so there are loads of options! We will work together on outfits so that you feel comfortable and your best!

Whereas my newborn photography style is, what’s described as, 'posed', my maternity session are a mixture of posed photos, along with ‘lifestyle’ images. These tend to have a more natural feel about them. Overall you will have a really beautiful selection of maternity and newborn photographs to look back on and remember those special moments. Just as with my newborn sessions, I ensure that I bring all the equipment needed for the photo session. My business philosophy is all about making life as easy as possible, as we are all busy people, right?! I am not the most comfortable person in front of a camera myself, so I’m very conscious of this during my maternity photo shoots and I will do my upmost to make the session a lovely and comfortable experience for you.

To see more maternity session images, please click here!

Luv Jen x

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