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Newborn Photography after Covid-19

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Hello new parents and parents to be,

This recent Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic has knocked us all and has changed the way we are doing life right now, and after what feels like a lifetime, of not doing what I love and photographing your brand new tiny humans, I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to start work again!

Due to the fact I can’t photograph newborns with a 2meter distance, I have been keeping a close eye on all developments in the news. I would associate newborn photography within the same lines as hairdressers (as they also have to be within 2meter distance), and it seems we will be able to start back again in early July (providing there are no Government set-backs) – whoop whoop!

I have been carefully preparing a risk assessment for all my baby clients and thinking about all procedures and how to make sure your precious bundles of joy stay as safe as possible during their photo sessions. Thankfully, newborn babies are considered to be low risk, however I take the health of your baby, yourselves as well as myself and family extremely seriously, and want to reduce these risks as much as I possibly can.

Working with small babies as a newborn photographer being my job means that I always uphold very high hygiene standards always, but just to emphasise how I will be carrying out sessions, here is a list of my newborn photography sessions will work:

- There will only be one photo session carried out per day (which will allow plenty of time for cleaning after each session)

- Photo sessions will be as quick as possible (providing I am happy I’ve captured the photos required for a lovely selection for you)

- I shall be keeping myself to one room within your home, with only additional access needed to a bathroom/sink for hand-washing please

- I shall bring my own drinks with me

- A face-mask will be worn by myself upon entering your home. I shall great you at the door without one (keeping 2metres back) so I can say hello

- I do not expect you to wear masks in your home, unless you would prefer to do so, but unfortunately I won’t be able to supply them

- Regular use of hand sanitiser along with hand washing will be ensured throughout the session

- All equipment will be cleaned and disinfected before and after every session and all

- A polite request for just one parent in the room with myself and baby, as much as possible, except for family and sibling pictures

Of course, if anyone in either my household or your household displays any symptoms (cough, temperature, sore throat and/or loss of taste/smell), then communication between all parties as soon as possible, so we can reschedule.

I can’t wait to see you all!

Luv Jen x

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