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5 points to consider when choosing your newborn photographer

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

It may seem like a fairly simple process, (just find a newborn photographer that takes nice pictures and has availability and job done, right?!), but there are a some very important factors to bear in mind when looking for a newborn photographer. Here are a few points to help you make the best choice for you and your little one.

1) Safety & Training - In my 9 year career I have only ever been asked once about what qualifications and safety training I have. It's very easy for us to assume that because a person says and advertises that they are a newborn baby photographer, that does not necessarily mean that they have been trained in newborn photography and how to pose babies safely. Don't be afraid to ask a photographer about their experience and training. After all, they are handling your most precious little bean!

2) Insurance - It is also worth checking that your photographer is fully insured with Public Indemnity Insurance. This makes sure you (and they) are covered should (in the very unlikely event) anything gets damaged or anyone hurt. Any professional service should be insured.

3) Style - Each and every photographer has their own unique style. The way images are created, from type of photography (in newborn this may be either posed or lifestyle) way in which props, colours and textures used, to the way it is edited, will be bespoke to that photographer. It is really important to pick a (newborn) photographer who's style you love. These pictures will (hopefully!) be hanging on your wall for years to come and our aim is for you to smile each time you look at them!

4) Price - The photography world can be a minefield when it comes to how much a newborn photo shoot can cost, and not only that, each photographer will have a different way of pricing their services and they likely will vary greatly in amounts. This is largely down to the experience and training of the photographer. Those that are starting out or are new in their career may charge significantly less whilst they build their portfolio. Photography packages vary with many photographers charging for the photo session then providing options for various packages for you to choose from. These are usually for digital images but may also include prints too. Others may offer more of an 'all inclusive' package where you pay a set amount for a certain number of images. These may be digital images, prints or a mix. Be sure to find out exactly what the expected costs are likely to be, so you don't get caught out. As with most services throughout the world, with photography, its is often a 'you get what you pay for' entity, however, there are many exceptions to this and it is important to work to a reasonable budget that suits you.

5) Convenience - In those early days it can certainly be tricky trying to get out the house! You may find yourself in the cycle (as I did!) of; feeding, winding, changing nappy, getting baby to sleep, before the whole process starts again before you've had a chance to get yourself prepared for the day! I can remember times when I saw 3pm before finally being ready to go out! Bear this is mind for your newborn photo shoots. How far are you happy to travel for the right photographer and also be prepared for how long you may need to be there. Some photographers (such as myself) offer a mobile service where they come to you instead of you having to travel. Newborn babies can't be predicted and even the smoothest of photo session can take at least two hours. My sessions tend to last between 3 and 4 hours (bearing in mind I need to set up all my equipment and then pack it down again), and I am aware that this is pretty average, so be sure to take plenty of resources! Have a look at all the options near by to you and coupled with the points talked about above, you should find a number of newborn photographers that best suit you and your little bundle.

Luv Jen x

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Really nice blog post, look forward to following your story.

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